Colorado Gets a Taste of Minnesota!

Minnesota at the Boulder Theater- 10/25/12

Minnesota / October 25th, 2012 / Boulder Theater

Recently ending his 4 day tour in Colorado, Christian Bauhofer (better known by his stage name  “Minnesota”) crushed venue after venue with his electrifying dubstep beats.On my way to see him Boulder Theater last Thursday evening, I anticipated a bass-heavy set of filthy dubstep , but was delighted to find that his performance incorporated a delicate blend of tracks with a very glitch-hop feel and some heavier dub.

Arriving right as Zion I took the stage to open for Minnesota, the first thing I noticed was that the crowd was unusually small. I have been to countless shows at Boulder Theater that have been packed to capacity, and was surprised to find that only the pit was full for Zion I. Regardless, Zion put on a great show, and having seen them before, I truly am surprised that the crowd was not bigger. A hip-hop duo out of Oakland, Zion I consists of DJ AmpLive and MC Zumbi and has been around since 1996, and  and therefore has a plethora of “classic” fan favorites, several of which were heard in their set. If you haven’t checked out Zion I, I would definitely reccomend that you do so.

As Zion I finished their set, more and more fans piled in and the Boulder music electronic music scene showed its true colors. Out came the glow sticks and the neon colored fishnet stockings, and with the introduction of Minnesota’s set, the crowd was instantly going buck.

Minnesota @ The Boulder Theater- 10/25/12

Although Boulder Theater has definitely seen a fuller crowd, there was a solid turnout, and Minnesota definitely had everyone there completely stoked. His set went hard and I was pleased to see that it included a few of my favorite songs from him like his “California Dreamin’ Remix” and his “Starry Eyed Remix”.


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