Wolfgang Takes Boulder on a Ride!

Wolfgang Gartner / October 16th, 2012 / Boulder Theater

Almost exactly one year ago, many of us were reminiscing/recovering from the badass show that Wolfgang Gartner played at Boulder Theater on the 15th of October. Having killed his performance there, and again when I saw him at Red Rocks during Global Dance, his return to Boulder theater was highly anticipated to say the least. This past Tuesday night, “the Wolf” returned to Boulder to huff and puff and blow the crowd away, bringing with him a ridiculous new light rig that definitely did justice to his face-melting electronic bangers.

Like most other electronic shows there, Tuesday night had Boulder Theater packed with anxious fans that were ready to rage. Fortunately they were not disappointed, as the openers Popeska and Pierce Fulton both came ready to throw down. The night as a whole was impressive, considering how complementary their unique electronic styles were. The phrase “To thine own self be true”, came to mind as I looked around and saw the entire Boulderite crowd going ham to Popeska’s filthy dubstep basslines. It was no secret that his set was greatly appreciated by members of the Boulder dub scene.  At 19, this talented young artist out of Atlanta, is definitely one to check out, becoming more prominent in the game with consistently great tracks like “Back to the Streets”, released in October of last year, and “Super Best Friends”, released this past January. Currently, he has  his fans hyped for the drop of  his “Now or Never” (Wolfgang Gartner Edit).

As the crowd dug deep to rage on following Popeska’s energetic fusion of lasers and bass , Pierce Fulton showed no mercy when he laid down track after track of nasty synth work for his dynamic electro house set. His set had the crowd stoked, and was accompanied by a dazzling display of lasers and strobes.

Pierce Fulton- Boulder Theater

A 20 year old producer from just outside New York, Pierce Fulton is also an emerging benchmark in the electro house industry along with names like  Porter Robinson and Dada Life. I would definitely recommend you check out his new EP “Pardon My French”, which just released on the 10th of October, and other songs like “Who Wants Spaghetti?”

The crowd calmed in preparation for Wolfgang, and his incredible arena style light set up was revealed. An epic set was imminent, and this  became apparent when he took the stage in his beat laboratory atop a massive convex wall of lights and lasers.

Wolfgang Gartner- Boulder Theater

Wolfgang delivered a great set that included crowd favorites like “Illamerica”, and new songs like, “Love and War”. Having seen him in concert multiple times,he had already set the bar high in my book, and came through once more with a high energy set. This 30 year-old out of California is well established in the electro house industry and certainly knows how put on a show.


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